“Divorce of the century by the Megaphone”: the Subscribers are forced to pay for the 13th month in the year

«Развод века от Мегафон»: Абоненты вынуждены оплачивать 13-й месяц в году

In the Network, the Russians began to complain about the Internet services from MegaFon. Subscribers believe operator action a real Scam. As it turned out the cellular operator provides the service not calidarium months, and 28 days, as a result, in year is formed on the 13th month.

The people of Russia post on social networks, on forums and telegrams channels approximately the same information. According to them, the monthly fee for the use of the Internet is deducted from the account before. Consumers point out that the cellular company had to be cunning and believes that in month four weeks, 28 days instead of 30 or 31. As a result, 365 days a year formed another month, which subscribers have to pay to stay connected.

The cellular operator has changed the terms of service and even commented on it.

“For those customers who have not yet had time to go to the tariffs jump!, we have improved online options, and now the traffic packages which will be updated every 4 weeks, not 30 days or calendar month as previously. The amount of the payment for the option will remain the same,” – said the mobile operator on its official website. A new option was introduced late last summer.

According to many experts, these tricks cellular operators are in order to increase profits, which assume the mobile operators will send to the so-called law of Spring.

In the comments to the posts, the Russians reacted negatively to the innovations of the company, calling them “divorce of the century from a Megaphone”. Some users drew an analogy with nine eggs, calling the action from the service provider on a larger scale. Other users ironically expressed about possible future news when 1Gb will equate to 500MB. And came up with the name of the 13th month – Duped, remembering the name of the cartoon “Three heroes and the Princess of Egypt.”