DJ Marshmello in Fortnite indirectly became the largest concert in history

Выступление диджея Marshmello в Fortnite косвенно стало самым большим концертом в истории

Yesterday, the American DJ Marshmello performed a 10-minute virtual set on a platform in the Royal rumble Fortnite. The concert was lured into the game at the same time 10 million gamers. Apparently, the event like most artists, and users.

During the performance the players (some were dressed in costume Marshmello) had a good time as could, used a variety of dancing, waving picks and hovered above the ground with the help of gliders. In a particularly energetic moments tracks gravity was turned off, and everyone rose into the air. But to shoot at the other participants it was impossible – at the time of the event, the developers have disabled this ability.

According to the founder of the awards, The Game Awards Geoff Keeley (Geoff Keighley), an impressive number of new players joining the game during this event, indirectly made the concert the most massive in history. DJ ahead of British singer rod Stewart (Rod Stewart), whose speech on the eve of the 1993 hit the Guinness Book of records as “a free concert with the largest attendance,” where there were 4.2 million people.

Of course, to compare a virtual concert with this is not entirely correct. Note, however, that Marshmello and Rod Stewart – for its time, popular artists, and both of these concerts were in various forms free. In addition, as stated on the website of Guinness world records, the part of the people attending the speech Stuart, just came to gawk at the fireworks – the same and not all players Fortnite came to the game to listen to music.

In a conversation with the streamer CourageJD DJ said that the performance is not pre-recorded music played in a live performance. An extended version of the set, which includes 27 tracks already available on iTunes. Below you will find a video of the concert.