DLC for Mortal Kombat 11, trailer Wolfenstein: Youngblood and mysterious teaser Stranding Death: TOP gambling news stories of the day

DLC для Mortal Kombat 11, трейлер Wolfenstein: Youngblood и загадочный тизер Death Stranding: ТОП игровых новостей дня

Trailer for the new Battlefield maps V teaser strange Death of Stranding, The Surge 2 gameplay and new characters in Mortal Kombat 11. All this, and more, in our regular TOP gaming news of the day.

New characters Mortal Kombat 11

Since the launch of Mortal Kombat 11 players all the more desperate for more information about what will happen next. It is reported by the Informant Tech, referring to Gamepur. In other words, what characters will be added with DLC. At this point, the only character announced NetherRealm is Shang Tsung, who was revealed even before that. But it seems that announcements will begin soon.

Creative Director of the game ed boon said that if all goes well, NetherRealm will announce the fighters this week. Most likely, all the characters from the first wave will be disclosed immediately. Unfortunately, Boone is not disclosed and not even hinted what it might be other fighters from the Supplement, but if the previous leak is accurate, we will get in the future the following characters: the Joker, nightwolf, Sindel, Terminator, spawn, ash Williams, Fujin and Shiva.

Fingers Krossed…. if all goes well, next week we will be announcing the fighters that will be joining Shang Tsung in Mortal Kombat 11’s DLC!! pic.twitter.com/ewaRTZFUji

– Ed Boon (@noobde) may 27, 2019.

Trailer for the new Battlefield maps V

EA introduced a new trailer of Battlefield V map “mercury” is the first new location for a multiplayer shooter for the six months and the second after its release in November 2018. Greek map, where players fight on the coast of the island of Crete in the framework of the “mercury” will appear in the game on may 30. Judging by the trailer, players will have a picturesque location, where there was a place not only infantry, but also land and air vehicles. It is noteworthy that in the video appeared the logo of the American division of DICE – seem to support the shooter passed into the hands of DICE LA, which was engaged in the development and improvement of Battlefield 4 after release.

Gameplay The Surge 2

Journalists Rock Paper Shotgun introduced the 11 minutes of gameplay, in which The Surge 2. At first glance, the changes compared with the first part not so much, and most of them rests on the fresh location devoid of the dullness of the original, and also interesting types of enemies, which are clearly more creative as part of the design, and behavior.

For example, in the battle many opponents adapt to the situation based on what parts of their bodies are still there and which had already cut off. Yes, from the second part, of course, not lost proprietary system of dismemberment. The project is expected to release on PS4, Xbox One and PC this year, and now the developers are looking for about fifty people for closed testing on Steam under strict NDA – to speak publicly about what he saw to be impossible.

Mysterious teaser Death Stranding

In his official Twitter account the famous Japanese game designer Hideo kojima posted a mysterious teaser for its upcoming game – Death Stranding. Thirty-second spot begins with a black screen where you can see the handprint. Later this typo appears that video similar to the cut-scene from the game. In addition, the teaser is accompanied by eerie ambient music and the words “Create The Rope”.

In addition, official Twitter account, Kojima Productions announced that may 29 will host a preview associated with Death Stranding. Perhaps this will be the new full trailer of the game or declare at least an approximate release date of the project.

– HIDEO_KOJIMA (@HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN) on may 26, 2019

Trailer Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Wolfenstein: Youngblood of technologies from NVIDIA, and the game itself will give free with the purchase of the latest GeForce graphics cards. In honor of this announcement, the creators of the shooter revealed a new trailer. For owners of GeForce in Youngblood will embed the ray tracing effects and adaptive shading, which should improve performance. Adaptive shading from NVIDIA is already included in Wolfesntein II: The New Colossus. Those who purchase GeForce RTX from may 28 to August 6, 2019, a copy of Wolfesntein: Youngblood get free.

Earlier we reported that became known the plans of Microsoft at E3 2019. Microsoft and Opoaryuse about the unusual partnership. It allows two competitors to cooperate in cloud-based gaming services.

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