Dmitry gaunt won the second bronze for Ukraine in youth Olympic games-2018 – 24 Channel

Дмитро Гонта виборов другу бронзу для України на юнацькій Олімпіаді-2018 - 24 Канал

One more medal in a moneybox of the national team of Ukraine at the III summer youth Olympic games in Buenos Aires brought a representative in shooting Dmitry gaunt.

About it reports a press-service NOC of Ukraine.

In the mixed team competitions in shooting from a pistol at 10 meters Ukrainian, together with Mexican Andrea Victoria Ibarra Miranda took 3rd place.

As for gold and silver, the first place was occupied by the German Vanessa Seeger and Bulgarian Kiril Kirov. With the score 10:3, they defeated in the final, Manu Baker from India and Biana Faizullah from Tajikistan.

Note, in Argentina in Buenos Aires in active Ukrainians already six medals: four gold and two bronze medals.

Previously a two-time champion of the youth Olympics in 2018, was a Ukrainian fencer Catherine Black and cherkaschanin Ivan Tishchenko became the champion of the YOG in an individual tournament in rowing and gymnast Nazar Chepurnoy became the champion of the YOG 2018 in the team competition in gymnastics multidisciplin. Also in the asset of the Ukrainian team a bronze medal, which was awarded to 17-year-old judoist Oleg Veridia.

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