Dmitry Komarov already decided how to raise future children

Дмитрий Комаров уже определился, как будет воспитывать будущих детей

The presenter shared how to raise their children in the future and also spoke of the Souvenirs brought from trips.

Host of “World inside out” on “1+1” Dmitry Komarov answered questions from fans during his first live broadcast on his personal YouTube channel.

The main traveller countries have shared their principles of bringing up children, told what Souvenirs brought from trips, and showed that stores in a Cabinet office.

So, Dmitry Komarov admitted that he collects tea, which I loved after a trip to China. His collection includes tea 2006 and even 1999 collection. As told TV presenter, this drink becomes more valuable with age. Different types of tea, Dmitry Komarov keeps in a special Cabinet in the Chinese style in my office.

Besides he showed part of his collection of Souvenirs, brought from different countries:

“I don’t collect magnets on the fridge, and those things that to me are special. For example, the statue of the Buddha I brought back from Thailand. I love Thailand and South East Asia. Points from the personal collection of Norgay Tenzing, the first conquerors of Everest, the crown of the king of Mustang, all of these things are very important to me”.

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One of the most popular questions from the audience were about where to go, Dmitry Komarov after the end of quarantine.

“I keep a finger on the pulse. Even communicate with representatives of the world health organization. Now the question remains open. But viewers can rest easy – in China, we had to remove material with a large margin before the start of the pandemic. Now we are remotely working on it, and the “World upside down” come out in regular mode. I hope that the situation will soon stabiliziruemost, and we’re going to shoot next” – said Dmitry.

Also answering questions from fans, Dmitri Komarov has told about what principles will be followed in the education of children in the future.

“When I have a child, I would not advise him who to be. He identified himself. My philosophy is this: the child himself must decide what he is interested, but the task of parents is to provide him a quality education and a comfortable environment for a good, proper development as individuals. He did not sit in on mobile all day, and went to different groups, doing different activities, was active, had some interests,” – said TV presenter.

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