“Dnepr-1” has interrupted a series of failures, sensationally taking away points from “the Gums”: video

"Днепр-1" прервал серию неудач, сенсационно отобрав очки у "Десны": видео

Chernihiv “Desna” in the framework of the 14th round of the championship of Ukraine is not able to beat “Dnepr-1”. Of the teams resulted in a draw.

Desna – Dnipro-1 1:1

Goals: Khlyobas, 48 – Shapoval, 45+2

The team of Dmitry Mikhaylenko lost 5 consecutive matches in the championship of Ukraine and the position of the coach of “Dnepr-1” staggered. The opposite situation Alexander Ryabokon, whose team is third in the championship.

Illogical goal guests

It was obvious that the club came to Chernigov to fight. Already in the first minutes it proved a hard struggle. After 10 minutes of Desna started to hold the initiative. First Yurchuk twice saved the visitors.

First Globes seized the opportunity to strike and aimed for the far corner. On the rebound was Hemp, but Efim not able to realize his point. A few minutes Desna had two more half-chances, but were unable to bring to a logical conclusion.

By the end of half Desna lightning played standard: Hemp walked two and gave up in the goalmouth. Yurchuk foot repulsed, and Filippov on the rebound sent the ball over the crossbar.

Total domination of Chernigov ended illogical goal conceded. After a canopy from the left flank into the penalty area Shapoval managed to shove the ball in Pasta.

Video Gol Pasta

Comeback “Gums”

Immediately after the break, Desna managed to win. After a canopy from the right flank Gitchenko cool header hit the post: the first on the rebound was Globas – 1:1.

Video goals of Khlyobas

On 61 minutes the hosts were close to score the second goal. Wards Ryabokon earned a dangerous free-kick Artem Favorov perfectly curled in the corner, but Yurchuk made an excellent save.

Desna continued to dominate, while “Dnepr-1” has completely passed to the game by the second number. Dividend is not brought to anyone. On 83 minutes the club was close to go forward.

Buleca from the left flank and made a cross into the penalty area. The partner dropped to Kohut, who from close range failed to beat Pasta. To complete the game of chances, the team never had a 1:1 draw.

Chernihiv “Desna” was released on the 2nd place in the standings, but can move to 4th place if their matches win Zorya and Dynamo. “Dnepr-1” ended its losing streak of 5 matches in the championship of Ukraine.

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