“Dnepr-1” was losing 0:2 but won willed victory over the “lions”: video

"Днепр-1" проигрывал 0:2, но одержал волевую победу над "Львовом": видео

"Днепр-1" проигрывал 0:2, но одержал волевую победу над "Львовом": видео

“Dnepr-1” has won strong-willed victory over the “lions” in the match of the 30th round of the Premier League. The fight took place in Ternopil and ended with the score 3:2.

Dnepr-1 – Lions 3:2

Goals: Supryaga, 25, 83, Of Koblenko, 86 – Renan, 6, 19

Removal: Sabino 56 (Lviv)

Guests shocked the team of Dmitry Mikhaylenko in the opening match, scoring two quick goals, both on account of the Brazilian Renan.

The forward of Dnipro Vladislav Supryaga reduced the gap in the scoring midway through the first half.

At the beginning of the second half Rafael Sabino received a second yellow and was sent than given a chance “Dnepr-1” for a positive result.

Team Mikhailenko tickled the nerves of his fans, but at the end of the meeting still scored the most: Supryaga scored his brace and the winning goal – on account of forward Alexey Khoblenko.

Dnepr-1 – Lviv video of the match

  • “Dnepr-1” continues to lead in the second six of the Premier League. The team of Dmitry Mikhaylenko scored 40 points and some goes to playoff for getting into the Europa League.
  • Lions (24) – 10. Lviv team already 11 rounds do not know victories.

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