“Dnepr” has confidently won “White bars”, “Kremenchug” defeated “Dinamo” – 24 Channel

"Дніпро" впевнено переміг "Білий Барс", "Кременчук" розгромив "Динамо" - 24 Канал

On Saturday, October 13, hosted two matches of the championship of Ukraine on hockey – Ukrainian hockey League. “Donbass” on the road defeated the “White bars” and “Kremenchug” dry beat “Dynamo”.

“White Bars” – “Dnepr” 2:5 (0:0, 2:2, 0:3)
0:1 matseyko (Bondarenko), 23:20; 1:1 Boroday (Panchenko, Foresters), 30:42; 1:2 Makarichi, 32:10; 2:2 Timchenko (Gurdev), 37:19; 2:3 Makritski (matseyko, Zolotukhin), 42:14; 2:4 Gwatkin (Pugachev p), 42:39: 2:5 Afanasiev (Gwatkin, Pugachev – more.) 59:59

The first period was fairly evenly for both teams, and though the Kherson significantly perebrosali opponent, but to open an account with them and failed.

The zeros on the scoreboard lasted until the start of the second period when Roman matseyko received an excellent pass from Kirill Bondarenko and flashed goalkeeper belotserkovtseva. However, the “White bars” within 7 minutes by the efforts of Dennis Beard was able to play the conceded goal.

Also scoring team and spent the last minute of the second period – first Nikita Makritsky brought his club forward, and then Eugene Timchenko again made equal to the numbers on the scoreboard, to equalize the chances of winning and leaving the main intrigue in the third period.

The final segment of the meeting, the guests started with two quick goals that determined the outcome of this meeting of the distinguished Nikita Makritsky and Andrew Gwatkin. Further, during the period the hosts were unable to muster the strength again to play the missing washer.

The final point in the match put Nikita Kovalenko, who seconds before the siren sent the puck into the “White Bars”, setting the final score 2:5.

“Kremenchug” VS “Dinamo” 3:0 (1:0; 1:0; 1:0)
1:0 Zaitsev (Kiselev), 15:12. 2:0 Gritsenko (Savchenko, The Crow), 21:06. 3:0 Kiselev (Gorlushko), 46:48

Kremenchug looked more active in the attack, and created a constant voltage at the gate of Timur Mamedov. On 16-th minute the score was opened by Alexei Zaitsev, and in the opening stages of the second period advantage of the bulls doubled the team captain Timur Gritsenko.

The final score of the match set the best sniper UHL Nikolay Kiselev, scoring his 12th goal of the season. Thus, “Kremenchug” badly defeated Kharkov club, and the goalkeeper “townspeople” Nikita Gordyushin scored the first shutout.

Recall that in 17:00 final match of the ninth round will play in Druzhkovka “Donbass” will “Ice wolves”.

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