“Dnepr” house defeated “Nikolaev”, “Polytechnic” lost “Zaporozhye” – 24 Channel

"Дніпро" вдома здолав "Миколаїв", "Політехнік" поступився "Запоріжжю" - 24 Канал

Vice-champion of Ukraine “Dnipro” won a victory in the home match of the regular championship of the Superleague, having won “Nikolaev”. And in a parallel match “Polytechnic” lost “Zaporozhye”.

“Dnepr” – “Nikolaev” 74:65 (15:11, 20:19, 19:12, 20:23)

Dnipro won presentationi the starting period of the match. The hosts were playing more aggressive on both ends of the floor, had 10 points advantage, but allowed the opponent to make a mini-breakthrough 6:0 and to reduce the gap to 4 points. The main event starting period was the debut of Kirill Fesenko, who got the first minutes in the shirt of FC Dnipro.

“Nikolaev” in the first half had a total advantage on the boards, collecting 27 rebounds in 20 minutes, of which 13’s basket. But 11 losses and low implementation of three-pointers did not allow the team of Vitaly Cherny to seize the initiative. Dnipro kept the advantage at 3 points before the big break.

In the third quarter of Dnipro has improved his defense, and established the game on the boards and immediately got a double-digit gap but 5 consecutive points from Fesenko and a quick two fouls “Nikolaev” helped the hosts to go on the final 2-minute break for 12 points advantage.

Dnipro is a little complicated their situation 5 team fouls for the starting 3 minutes of the fourth quarter, but closer than 7 points during the final quarter the guests to close the gap failed, and three andani for a quarter of timofeyenko finally calmed the game “Dnepr” brought the match to win with a score of 74:65.

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Best player of the match was Stanislav timofeyenko, who is 23 points, added 4 rebounds and 4 steals, while his efficiency rating was “+27″. The guests worth mentioning Sergei Popov, who successfully entered the game from the bench: defender of”shipbuilders” in 25 minutes scored 17 points, had 6 rebounds, 3 assists and 1 steal (D +20).

“Polytechnic” – “Zaporozhye” 74:95 (20:19, 21:24, 16:26 17:26)

The team had a productive first half, during which 15 minutes the score was leading the masters, but the final 5 minutes were the better side in the Cossacks. The main striking force of Kharkiv were Javan Davis, who before the break and scored 17 points, converting 3 of 3 three-pointers. The guests in the attack worked well the tandem of Trent hill, a couple who scored 21 points.

Hosts with a high percentage of attacked from the games, particularly from a distance, has not lost a fight on the boards and a little better than the other team moved the ball, but 15 losses in half undermined all the efforts of the team of Vladimir Koval, who received a “-2” at the end of the first half.

The second half was completely for the guests, who initially won the third quarter by 10 points, then in the final quarter added to its benefits still 9 points. “Polytechnic” has continued a lot of mistakes in attack in the second half, with 11 losses, 10 of which occurred in the third quarter. So letting the jerk opponent in the third period, the team of Vladimir Koval failed to recover in the final period of the game. “Zaporizhia” had a double-digit advantage throughout the fourth quarter and eventually dodv the match to a confident victory – 95:74.

26 loss “Polytechnic”, effective this American trio of guests and 48 points in the paint from the Cossacks were the key factors of the victory of the championship leaders in this game. The best player of the match was Cndl hill, who is 24 points added 9 rebounds, 2 blocked shots and 2 steals (re 28).

His next match “Dnepr” will play Sunday, November 11, at home against “Zaporozhye”, and Nikolaev the same day will play away against “Polytechnic”.

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