“Dnepr” in an intense match defeated “Kyiv-basket”, “Polytechnic” won “Cherkassy Monkeys” – 24 Channel

"Дніпро" у напруженому матчі здолав "Київ-Баскет", "Політехнік" переміг "Черкаських Мавп" - 24 Канал

“Kiev-basket” and lost in the final seconds to Dnipro in the match of the regular championship of the Superleague of Pari-Match – 78:79. And in a parallel match “Polytechnic” has confidently won “Cherkassy Monkeys” – 71:89.

“Kiev-Basket” – “Dnepr” 78:79 (12:18, 26:19, 19:16, 21:26)

Immediately take meaningful advantage of any of the contestant failed. Most of the time the first 10 minutes of the team went smoothly. First pristrelite guests. Three-point Revzina and Velikovechnoe marked a slight advantage of Dnipro at the end of the quarter. In General, guests outnumbered the hosts for far the hits – 3:0.

However to take advantage of this to further increase the difference guests are unable. The meeting further took place smoothly. Kiev thus improved the implementation of three-pointers. In the first half of the team already had 4 accurate shots. The exact three-point potential new player “Kiev-Basket” Latkovich in the last second of the second quarter brought the hosts minimal advantage at the end of the first half.

The resumption of the game after the break, clearly began to affect the advantage of the hosts in the implementation. For the first time in the match Kyivans took the lead on 9 points. The most active on the site from the owners at this time was Mangano and Latkovich that even from the bench was trying to help partners with tips. But that did not stop Dnipro reduced to the final quarter of the difference to four points.

With the beginning of the fourth 10 minutes of the guests found the strength to turn up the pace. The gap was reduced to three points. It seemed that the people of Kiev “sail”, as in the end of the previous match against Polytechnic. However, a successful attack Celovina and Screaming in a timely manner has encouraged owners. Although the club continue to not back down from any attempts to change the course of events at the site. 33 seconds before the end of game time the score was equal to 77:77. After a precise free kick from Mangano Msola made a contact with his attack the guests took the lead 25 seconds before the siren. The people of Kiev took a timeout. The hosts had time to attack, but in the end, Latkovic not hit from beyond the arc in the center. Hence the second consecutive defeat of the Kiev-Basket in the final seconds.

“Cherkassk Mavpy” – “Polytechnic” 71:89 (25:22, 17:21, 14:24, 15:22)

“Cherkassk Mavpy” had a great opportunity to improve tournament position. To visit him came the note outsider, which also gave a lot of effort in the capital in the encounter with the “Kiev-Basket”.

But in Cherkasy, though have experienced the frustration of losing to Dnipro in the last second at home, had the opportunity to prepare for the game at home. Initially, the game was quite predictable, both teams played in outdoor basketball and hosts feel more confident. I had the impression that to add they can only when it is required.

But everything was Vice versa, he added that Kharkiv, even playing a narrow rotation they are very aggressive made the third quarter their advantage has reached more than 10 points. As in the previous match, the team of Vladimir Koval stood Graham.

Maksym Mikhelson managed to inspire his team in the final quarter and the Monkeys quickly won back half of the backlog. At this time your best qualities: composure and accuracy showed Roman Kozlov – 6 of 9 far this is the result during the match. And the overall percentage of three-pointers from Polytechnics in this game has exceeded 50.

Such accuracy nespral rivals, who have not found the strength to save this game.

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