“Dnepr” in the shootout beat “Donbass”, “Kremenchug” crushed “White bars”: video

"Днепр" в серии буллитов переиграл "Донбасс", "Кременчуг" раздавил "Белый Барс": видео

30 and 31 January took place the next matches of the Ukrainian hockey League. A landslide victory managed to win “Kremenchug”. Also winning in the asset recorded hockey players of “Dynamo” and “Dnepr”

White Leopard – Kremenchug 2:6 (2:0, 0:2, 0:4)
: 1:0 Ruzhnikov (Boroday, Panchenko), 1:34; 2:0 Panov (Durdyev, Arabs), 4:45; 2:1 Krasil’nikov (Crow – young.), 36:38; 2:2 Kiselev (Zaitsev, Fursa), 38:07; 2:3 Fursa (Krispenz Kiselev), 48:08; 2:4 Gritsenko (Chrispen), 48:34; 2:5 Savchenko (Combat, Gritsenko – senior.), 53:31; 2:6 Zaitsev (Kiselev, Bbw), 54:48

Match “White bars” started with goals Nazar Ruzhnikov the time was the Nickel and played well on the rebound, opening the scoring in the match. And three minutes later Ivan Panov scored against Nikita Gorbushina the second goal than to provide his team a good advantage.

In the second period the visitors came out with a sure solution to win and at the end of the period that came to fruition first in the minority of Alexander Kachulu flashed Alexei Krasilnikov, and after the score was tied top scorer in the UHL this season, Nikolay Kiselev. Thus, after 40 minutes of the match, the teams were forced to start all over again.

The third period became benefit performance of “Kremenchug” – “citizens” managed to send in gate of Alexander Caculi another four goals. Failure of the third period did not allow wards of Konstantin butsenko to keep the advantage and for the second time in the season to beat “Kremenchug”, and the team of Aleksandr Savitsky was able to reduce the backlog of “Donbass” to two points.

MHC Dinamo – Ice Wolves 4:3 (1:0; 0:1; 3:2)
Washers: 1:0 Sirotenko (Halin, Nalivaiko), 2:02. 1: 1 Fedosov (Mikulchik, Shabanov – old.), 28:04. 2:1 Poymanov (Sirotenko, Halin), 46:39. 3:1 Harlin (Paymenow), 51:13. 3:2 Naydenov (Janitor, Burmatov), 51:22. 3:3 Ovchinnikov (strarr. throw), 54:38. 4:3 Oleynik (Skripec, Firsov), 57:36

Already on 3rd minute of the match the score was opened by Alexei Sirotenko, finishing off a game shell in gate after a throw of Bogdan Nalivaiko. The following washer spectators had to wait until mid second period, when the “Ice Wolves” managed to equalize – Ivan Fedosov implemented numerical advantage for his team.

The most productive turned out to be the final period of the match. First at the gate Vitaly Vlasenko twice, Poimanova efforts of Sergey and Dmitry Halina, scored Kharkov, and the 52 th minute the score was 3:1. However, literally within a couple minutes the “Ice Wolves” managed to win: the first goal was scored by Alexander Naidenov, and then a free throw was converted by Alexei Ovchinnikov.

Equal the score remained until the 58th minute when he scored Nikita Oleinik. This goal ended the 16-match “dry” series from Metalist’s striker brought the victory to MHC Dynamo.

Dnepr-Donbass 3:2 B (0:0, 0:0, 2:2, 0:0, 1:0)
: 0:1 Goncharov (Ignatenko, Zakharov), 41:34. 1:1 Decalo (Zolotukhin, Belousov), 41:46. 1:2 Romanenko, 43:05. 2:2 Romashchenko (Bondarenko, Dunaev 2), 55:59

In the first period, the teams looked at each other, and focus on defending their goal. Looked a little better Serhiy Viter, but the owners held back the enemy attack.

In a similar vein and was the second 20-minute. Sharp chances were not created so often, like ordinary fans of hockey. The inaccuracy of athletes and solid play of Oleg Petrov and Bogdan Dyachenko in the frame leave the audience without goals in the second period.

In the third period, first, the guests thanks to an accurate shot by Vladislav Potter took the lead. But after 14 seconds the answer came from the “Dnepr” – Ilya Decalo powerful shot from the blue line and hit right on target. And then “Donbass” scored the second time: Vladimir Romanenko themselves understood in front of goal and threw a pass to Oleg Petrov – 1:2.

The owners of large forces went on the attack, and could pay for it – Donetsk several times he escaped from the protection of the enemy, but could not throw the puck in the third time. Kherson, in turn, achieved the desired result when implemented a double majority: concluded a protracted combination Ruslan Romashchenko. Until the end of the period, both teams failed to score.

Tie athletes figured in a series of shoot outs. And here the owners have more energy and nerves – Dnipro scored twice in the gate Dyachenko, while Oleg Petrov only one not bailed out their partners.

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