“Dnepr without Filatov”: the city took action against the mayor (photo, video)

"Днепр без Филатова": в городе состоялась акция против мэра (фото, видео)

The protesters issued an appeal to the President of Ukraine.

Anti-corruption platform “Dnepr without corruption” held on June 28, Constitution Day, rally “Dnepr without Filatov”.

Participants issued an appeal to the President of Ukraine, according to “channel 9”.

As reported, the event was attended by about five hundred Dnipro: volunteers, activists, veterans of the ATO and entrepreneurs.

The rally was held under slogans “Dnepr without Filatov” and “NO Parking mafia”. Unhappy people demanded removal of Boris Filatov from office of the mayor.

“We have clearly decided to say “stop” Boris Filatov. And Dnieper should be without the journalists, without a mayor who puts our city in such chaos and devastation. We will also refer to the Central government, to the President of our country, to help us and has freed us finally from this despot, this embezzler Boris Filatov,” – said the head of the anti-corruption platform “Dnepr without corruption”, co-organizer of the action Denis Rozov.

The participants also issued an appeal to President of Ukraine: “… we, the club, forced to address to you publicly, to the Constitution of Ukraine and laws of Ukraine in the Dnieper river finally began to act. The city of the Dnieper turned into a reservation, ruled by lawlessness and total corruption, which is headed by the mayor Boris Filatov and his subordinate officials. That corrupt activities of officials put the city on the Dnieper the brink of a manmade disaster, so any time a prospect Yavornytsky can turn into a mass grave. Dnepr is a city of economic and strategic opportunities for Ukraine. However, it turned into a city raiding and lawlessness. For the cadence of the mayor Boris Filatov, the total city budget is more than 64 billion UAH, but they totally robbed… in particular, regarding the overhaul of the Central bridge, the investigators have proven misappropriation of funds by officials in the amount of 29 million hryvnias. The construction has already spent more than a billion UAH, and as a result at any time can be folded like a card house, 41 residential and non-residential building 21” – outraged the club.

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"Днепр без Филатова": в городе состоялась акция против мэра (фото, видео)

"Днепр без Филатова": в городе состоялась акция против мэра (фото, видео)