“Dnipro” beat “the Ice wolves” and advanced to the semifinals of the playoffs UHL

"Днепр" обыграл "Ледяных Волков" и вышел в полуфинал плей-офф УХЛ

Kherson Dnipro in the second leg of the quarterfinals playoffs of the Ukrainian hockey League defeated opponents from Ice wolves. Therefore, the Kherson team has reached the semifinals of the playoffs.

The Dnipro Ice Wolves 5:0 (3:0, 2:0, 0:0)
Goals: 1:0, Zeke (Timchenko), 5:16; 2:0, Janiszewski (Bondarenko, Romashchenko), 10:26; 3:0 Zolotukhin (Gwatkin), 17:39; 4:0 Makritski (Zeke), 36:25; 5:0 Kovalenko (Pugachev), 38:00.

In the first match of “Dnepr” on the road defeated the Kiev is 7:1. No problems and the team in the home match. In the first period they scored three goals in the gate rivals. In the second two. That was enough to win the match. And a series to two victories in General.

In the semi-finals of the playoffs UHL “Dnepr” will play against “Kremenchug”. Opponents of the “Donbass” will be the winner of the “White leopard” – “Dynamo”. The second match between the teams will be held in the White Church on 6 March. In the first game, “White bars” won with the score 2:0.