Dnipro defeated the Ice wolves in the championship: video

"Днепр" разгромил "Ледяных Волков" в чемпионате Украины: видео

23 October took place the next match of championship of Ukraine on hockey. In the arena “Favorite” game between HC “Dnepr” and “Ice Wolves” ended with the score 8:1 in favor of the hosts.

The Dnipro Ice Wolves 8:1 (4:1, 2:0, 2:0)

In the first period the score was opened guests. Ivan Fedosov scored the puck from Maxim Duve. Equalized Denis Vasilenkov. In just a moment Vladyslav Braga stretched their lead. By the end of the first period the home team scored the “wolves” another two goals. The authors of the goals were Alexander Karakulko and Alexander Shibaev.

To the equator of a match in gate of Kiev turned out to be two more goals. First, Miks Lipsbergs and then Ilya Decalo scored. Then wolf stepped up and started to play in attack. By the end of the second period the score has not changed – 6:1.

The first 10 minutes of the third period for both teams were without changing accounts. Later, Sergey Dorofeev changed the score, increasing the gap Ice wolves. Less than a minute after the seventh of the puck as Alexander Shibaev sealed his brace.

By the end of the third period, the wolves tired and slowed down, but the match ended with result 8:1 in favor of the owners of the site.

Dnepr – Ice Wolves: video games