Dnipro played a fantastic 23 points, but lost to “Tsmoki-Minsk” in overtime

"Днепр" фантастически отыграл 23 очка, но уступил "Цмоки-Минску" в овертайме

The winner of the Cup and super Cup of Ukraine “Dnepr” lost the away match of the second round of the Cup of Europe FIBA against the Belarusian “Tsmoki-Minsk” – 108:101 FROM.

Tsmoki-Minsk – Dnepr 108:101 of (28:17, 27:20, 21:29, 17:27, 15:8)

“Dnepr” lost the first half, allowing the opponent before the break to score 55 points. The owners have implemented 9 of 18 three-pointers, acted in the attack more diverse and won the fight, while the Ukrainian club scored points in mostly individually, failed in defense, allowing the opponent’s leader Branko Mirkovic differ 16 a score before the break.

In the third quarter “Dnepr” have increased significantly in the attack, gaining a 10-minute with 29 points. Guests played effectively in the paint, in particular a good game period spent Kyrylo Fesenko, whose points helped Dnipro to reduce the gap to 10 points before the decisive period of the match.

The fourth quarter Dnipro started off well: 8 consecutive points from Alexander Sizov, who converted two long-range shot sent Tsmoki for a timeout with 2-point advantage to the opponent. The first “Dnepr” took the lead 4 minutes before the final whistle, when max converted a free Sarcodes a three-pointer from the corner. After that, the teams staged a seesaw, the leader changed several times, but 40 minutes to determine a winner was not enough. Henry Dugat attacked for the win 7 seconds until the end — was wrong, just like Gamar there Abrams, who missed a three-pointer at the buzzer.

Unfortunately, the final 5-minute was won by the Belarusians, which in the final possessions of the game took mirković and Maksim Salash. “Dnepr” allowed the opponent to regain the advantage, to win back which failed. Three-point Maxim Zakurdaev reduced the backlog of “Dnepr” to 1 points with 1:17 to the end of overtime, but guests more points were not scored.

“Tsmoki-Minsk” won the match with a score of 108:101, causing our club to their second defeat in the group stage. Dnipro managed to win 23 points behind after a powerful second half, but the key period of the match remained with the owners.

Dnipro their next match in European competitions will play on 6 November on the road against Bulgarian “Levski”.