“Dnipro” unexpectedly defeated the current champion UHL, “Wolves” beat “Dynamo”: video

"Днепр" неожиданно одолел действующего чемпиона УХЛ, "Волки" обыграли "Динамо": видео

Wednesday, 2 October, at Kherson in the arena “Favorite” was the Central match of the round in which the local “Dnipro” played with Donetsk “Donbass”.

Dnipro – Donbas 5:0 (1:0, 3:0, 1:0)

Kherson completely outplayed their opponents with the score 5:0. However, prior to the first missed washers “Donbass” it was hard to imagine that Donetsk residents are so lose.

Guests controlled the puck and had much more chances. Kherson, a mere 12 minute of the game could truly disturb the gate of “Donbass”.

The turning point of the meeting was the second period, when the “pike”, with the score 1:0 in their favor, having felt taste “blood”, scored another three goals. The final period was a formality in which Kherson was able again to throw.

MHC Dinamo – Ice Wolves 3:4 FROM (0:0, 0:3, 3:0, 0:1)

In the first period, both teams attacked the opponent’s goal, but the score remained 0:0. The teams played aggressive hockey without the Central zone, but goalkeepers cope with the surge.

The second period proved to be more effective. Guests, the efforts of Alexei Ovchinnikov, opened the score – 0:1. At the end of the second period gate of owners of ice struck Nikita Shabanov and Sergey Mikulchik.

It would seem that the result of the match was predictable. But in the third period, “Dinamo” was rehabilitated. The first gate Ice wolves scored Daniel Shilkin. Artyom Calogera literally 3 minutes reduced the gap MHC Dynamo, and scored another goal. Eugene abadjian equalized – 3:3.

The game continued in overtime. Winning the puck MHC Dynamo was scored by Vladislav Vorobyov.