Dnipropetrovsk oblast second in Ukraine by the number of purchased tests for coronavirus

Днепропетровская область на втором месте в Украине по количеству купленных тестов на коронавирус

As of April 5 through Prozorro purchased 44 320 tests COVID-19 to 14 million UAH. Of these, only 4442 pieces – PCR tests. In the first place by the number of purchased test – Kyiv region, the second – Dnipropetrovsk. It is reported in his publication on Facebook Dozorro.

“From 25.03 at 4.04, inclusive, has acquired more than 27 thousand tests. For comparison, with 1.03 on 25.03 purchased less than 17 thousand Purchases become more intense. And if 26.03 were still areas where due to Prozorro did not purchase any test in early April, there are none.

Record purchase of tests – in the Kiev region (over 10 thousand). Actively bought them also in Dnipropetrovsk (7.6 thousand) and Donetsk regions (5,5 thousand).

Not in a hurry to stock in Kirovohrad (90 tests), Rivne (140) and Sumy (145) areas.

In the Nikolaev area according to the Center for public health of Ukraine as of 6 April have not found a single case of the disease COVID-19. Interestingly, in this area first procurement contract tests published in the system of 25.03.

90% of tests that are purchased through Prozorro is the rapid tests. They show the presence of antibodies to the virus. That is, give a positive result for people, the body is actively fighting COVID-19, and those who are ill. A lot of them are buying centres for the provision of primary care and General hospital.

Accurately diagnose the coronavirus is possible only by results of PCR tests that establish the presence of the virus, not antibodies to it. They mainly bought the lab.

46% of tests (more than 20 thousand pieces), which I bought through Prozorro, put 5 companies. With them entered into 52 contracts in the amount of 7 million 200 thousand UAH. Among these five, two firms appear in criminal trials.

In particular, an interesting company takes the fourth place by supply tests in Prozorro. LLC “ALT UKRAINE LTD” – the defendant in many criminal cases, about which much has been written NashiGroshi.

OOO “Inkos line” – the largest supplier of tests through Prozorro – also appears in the criminal proceedings on embezzlement. It is also interesting that the third place in our rating of the most successful suppliers is a firm-beginner, OOO “MEDICAL DIAGNOSTICS”. With her until signed only one contract, however, the supply of 5000 tests on 1 million 400 thousand UAH.

In the list of the largest suppliers of tests were also of the company “Mriya-medical” and KP “PHARMACY”.

Днепропетровская область на втором месте в Украине по количеству купленных тестов на коронавирус