Do not commit a crime: deputies of regional councils called Zelensky to veto land reform – opsi

Не совершайте преступление: депутаты облсоветов призвали Зеленского ветировать земельную реформу - ОПЗЖ

Deputies of regional councils of Ukraine supported the position of the party “Opposition platform For life” in the opening of the land market in Ukraine. In particular, representatives of different political forces “on the ground” insist that Zelensky President should veto the law “On turnover of agricultural lands”, which is a crime against the Ukrainian people. Otherwise, MPs will be forced to appeal to the constitutional Court.

At the extraordinary session of the Nikolaev regional Council, held on the initiative of the parliamentary group of the party “Opposition platform For life”, it was decided to send the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, the request not to sign the adopted March 31 by the Verkhovna Rada law “On turnover of agricultural lands”. For this decision voted by the majority (33 votes) deputies of the Nikolaev regional Council, said in a live TV channel NEWSONE was told MP from the faction opsi Yuri Zagorodnii.

Commenting on the results of the vote, Zagorodny noted that in Nikolaevsk a regional Council appeal to the President asking to veto the law on the sale of land was also supported by MPs from other political forces, in particular the party “Our land”, “Dill” and the party Poroshenko. According to Yuri Zagorodniy, this shows that the deputies on the ground closer to the Ukrainian people and to better understand his problem, what the leadership of the political forces.

The MP has in detail told, what breaches deputies went from a situational coalition “public Servants”, “Voice” and “EU” to adopt a law on the land market.

“During consideration of the bill in the second reading, consideration of amendments, especially that night, at the third extraordinary session, there were a lot of violations of the law on Regulations of the Verkhovna Rada. It is primarily the fact that the hall was absent MPs: when considering amendments, it was 120, 130, 186, 168, and the scoreboard showed in the vote that the deputies 240, 250, 270. This is a direct violation. The presiding judge refused to conduct a registration at the request of MPs, to check how many of them in the room,” – said Yuri Zagorodnii.

He noted that all violations are recorded and “Opposition platform For life,” is preparing a submission to the constitutional Court. As clarified by the MP, “submission to the constitutional Court may be filed only when the President signs this law it will come into force”.

To not bring to consideration in the constitutional Court, the President has the power to veto this law. That is what he is called to the deputies.

“We call on the President of Ukraine and deputies of the Nikolaev regional Council and the deputies of our political power in other regional, city and district councils, and our faction in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine – not to commit a crime against Ukraine, against the Ukrainian people, not to betray the national interests, not to sign this shameful, criminal act. Because anyway we will fight for that land remains the property of the Ukrainian peasants. This is our principled position and program,” commented Yuri Zagorodnii.

“And our position today coincides with the position of the majority of the Ukrainian people. Vote in local councils, particularly today at session of the Nikolaev regional Council, confirms that we were right” – summed up the MP.

Не совершайте преступление: депутаты облсоветов призвали Зеленского ветировать земельную реформу - ОПЗЖ