“Do not eat, only drinks”: there are new details about the Efremov

"Не есть, только пьет": появились новые подробности о Ефремове

Information was shared by the housekeeper of the actor.

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After a deadly car crash involving Mikhail Efremov court sent the culprit under house arrest. Today, his housekeeper Eva Moses directly from the balcony, told reporters about the status of the artist. According to her, he doesn’t get out of bed and feeling very unwell.

The housekeeper said that Efremov has almost completely refused to eat and drink, and only drinking water, according to “REN TV”.

Moiseyev also added that the status of the artist on the verge – he often asks to call an ambulance. Ill Ephraim and his wife Sofya Kruglikova.

This woman, Ephraim often come to visit the children and try to maintain a naughty parent.

We will remind, today to the house of the actor again appeared the employees of the FSIN and took him to another interrogation.

Previously heavy as Ephraim confirmed his lawyer Elman Pashayev. He said that the actor has already lost 6 pounds.