“Do not judge my deeds”: the husband of Ani Lorak spoke after infidelity – 24 Channel

"Не оцінюйте мої вчинки": чоловік Ані Лорак заговорив після зради - 24 Канал

Husband Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, the Turkish businessman Murat Nalaga, who on the eve of the paparazzi “caught” in a night club of Kiev in the arms of another woman, Yana Belyaeva, spoke for the first time after cheating on his wife.

On his page in Instagram in stars Murat Nalchajian posted a picture with a quote like commenting on family drama.

“Don’t evaluate my actions, thoughts and feelings from his point of view. You don’t even know half of what goes on inside me,” said Nalaga.

"Не оцінюйте мої вчинки": чоловік Ані Лорак заговорив після зради - 24 Канал
A screenshot from Instagram Murata Nalchadjan

Recently, Murata noticed in Kiev in the karaoke club with an unknown brunette. The man stroked the companion by the hip and gently hugged her waist. The stranger’s name is Yana Belyaeva and Salcaja they know for a long time.

Found the media, it was not the first adventures of the husband of Ani Lorak. Thus, the sources of StarHit said that repeatedly saw Murat in the company of other women, as well as under the influence of illegal drugs. In addition, friends of the singer said that the Turks began to “walk” immediately after marriage, the newspaper reports KP.RU.

The betrayal of her husband Ani Lorak decided to comment on her father Miroslav KUEK. He said that the video is not seen, but believes that the media dramatize this situation and noted that they “all right.”

In addition, supported the businessman and club staff who are familiar with it.

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