Do not open links from your phone: the virus breaks down the smartphone and stealing money. VIDEO

Не открывайте ссылки с телефона: вирус ломает смарфон и ворует деньги. ВИДЕО

Ukrainians warn about the cyberswindlers who send dangerous links, clicking on which your smartphone is locked, while the attackers get a Bank card of his victim. This is stated in the plot of “Today”, an RBC-Ukraine reporter.

From the new virus that disables the gadgets, affected mostly schoolchildren. The scammers disguise their Trojan horse under advertisement or offer to get free a thousand megabytes or something – just click on the link that came in the messenger.

From Kiev Yana Ostrovskaya faced with this problem, and after the failure of the smartphone took it to the shop. Fortunately, finances have Schoolgirls with telephone numbers were not tied.

The service center has detected Trojan virus which is “cut down” the processor. It took the repairs cost about two thousand hryvnia.

According to the expert of technical security Alexander Ilya, he was faced with this type of cyber fraud and distribute malware even in the summer. Then from intruders injured 30 people:

The specialist said that the virus first steals credit card data, and immediately to the victim could not quickly be detached payment card from the phone disables the phone.

“However, sometimes it happens that due to virus attack, the phone does not fail, but simply blocked,” – said the expert.

So, after that, the screen displays a message offering to pay to have the problem was solved and the gadget unlocked.

Such blackmail can’t give in, noted expert on cyber security Alexander Karpov.

“If the application has locked your smartphone and you begin to extort money for unlocking, don’t waste your money. Place the device into factory settings or go to the website of Europol”, – he said.

Using the instructions on the website, you can try to unlock the phone and avoid the expense at the service center.