Do not rush to pay the fine: the on auto-commit violations of traffic rules can penalize You by mistake

Не спешите платить штраф: автофиксация нарушений ПДД может оштрафовать Вас по ошибке

The creation of cars-doubles – quite a popular method of fraud in Ukraine. Some motorists are not even aware that on the roads drive the same car as theirs. Now the cars-doubles find with the help of auto-commit violations of traffic rules.

It all started with the fact that Maxim Zakharchenko received in the mail a notice of payment of a fine for speeding. However, at the time of the offence he was at home. There were also witnesses who saw his car in the courtyard of an apartment building.

After a brief investigation, Maxim found that his name issued another fine for speeding. And again he could not commit this offence. It turned out that Maxim, and of the offending car the same model and license plate number. That’s just car-clone insurance policy with a different VIN code and the other insurance company.

Maxim Zakharchenko made a statement to the police. And very quickly police patrol in the White Church found a car-double. During the inspection revealed traces of forgery of the certificate about registration. The car and the driver detained.

Therefore, if you receive a “chain letter” for violation of traffic rules, pay attention to the date when it was committed. It is possible that your “swallows” is a clone.