Do not wash before cooking: raw chicken Germs instantly spread across the kitchen because of the water

Не мыть перед готовкой: Микробы сырой курицы мгновенно распространяются по кухне из-за воды

A bird may be infected with Salmonella or Campylobacter. The bacteria are transmitted from the tissues of the meat to cooking appliances.

British nutritionists have long said that raw chicken be washed before cooking is dangerous to health. Despite the recommendations of scientists, Housewives continue to rinse under running water fowl.

So at first look harmless procedure can infect the human body the microbes that cause acute intestinal infections.

Raw chicken can contain Salmonella virus, which through the water jet instantly spread across the kitchen.

Nutritionists always suggest to be careful with poultry. Before you put the chicken in the refrigerator, be sure to pack the pieces in plastic bags or plastic wrap to prevent the ingress of contaminated water in other foods.

For butchering carcasses need to prepare a separate Board, knife and bowl. Because of the danger of virus re-use these materials without a thorough cleaning not recommended.