Do we tupe due to the use of GPS

Действительно ли мы тупеем из-за использования GPS

The hippocampus – the part of the brain which is shaped like a sea horse, it is responsible for orientation in space. Say that he have atrophied due to the use of gadgets. But it’s not.

In the old days, when there was no GPS or paper maps, the hippocampus helps a person to navigate the terrain. Today, many of us in the literal and figurative sense of the word is lost, not being able to build a new route from point A to point B with your smartphone. And scientists are trying to understand how technical progress affects the structure of our brain.

The Washington Post published an article which stated that the device with GPS can degrade our intelligence (although no objective evidence of harm to GPS for the work of the human nervous system did not find). Why?


It is known that the hippocampus is more active when we try to orientate ourselves, than when we use navigation.

Largest hippocampi – do London taxi drivers, who by profession are obliged to know by heart the location of thousands of streets.

For this reason, some experts suggest that the lack of a “navigation loading” can lead to early degeneration of the hippocampus, and cognitive function and Alzheimer’s disease.

But a neuroscientist at University College London Kate Jeffrey is convinced that such fears are premature. And he has two arguments against GPS-phobia.

Действительно ли мы тупеем из-за использования GPS

GPS does not harm the brain

1. The human brain, which has lost the need to navigate the terrain, not idle, and switch to other tasks. For example, for orientation in the information on the Internet.

2. To use the Navigator, we still should be able to use the card. In this sense, the function “get directions” in the smartphone did not bring revolutionary changes in the brain’s perception of reality.

So you can use the GPS without fear.

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