Doctor Vladimir Miguli: would be Better if he had cancer!

Врач Владимира Мигули: Лучше бы у него был рак!

The singer and composer Vladimir Migulya knew and loved the whole country. He had the opportunity to experience the real glory and to face one of the most severe human diseases.

The son of a military pilot and medic Vladimir Migulya was originally from Volgograd. The boy was always drawn to music, but his parents wanted him to become a doctor. As a result, Migulya graduated from two universities – Volgograd medical Institute Volgograd school of arts. But then Vladimir realized that the medicine does not carry it – he enrolled in the Leningrad Conservatory, and then begins to record his own songs. Migulya wrote to the boyar, Tolkunova, Rotaru, obodzinsky, the group “Earthlings”, he has performed his own compositions and soon became one of the most popular Soviet singers and composers. Many of his initiatives have led to success in music and even in business, until his life was the worst.

In early 1994 Migulya noticed that was a little podkalivat leg when walking. There was a strange numbness of the limbs, progressive weakness. There was a long examination in hospitals, until one day a doctor friend came out to his wife Marina and said quietly: “We realized that with him.” Marina exclaimed, “is it cancer?” “I wish he had cancer!” – sadly replied the doctor. And women stomach froze – she didn’t understand, what could be worse than cancer.

Have Miguli was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – a neurodegenerative disease that kills motor neurons. After the assassination attempt on Vladimir 7 April 1994, when the bandits blew up his car and killed the driver, the disease quickly progressed. It was broken, missing fingers (Migulya stopped playing on synthesizer), had to walk with a stick, and then sit down in a wheelchair. A year Migulya lost the ability to take care of themselves, he just asked his wife to wash himself every day in the bath and laying in the water (Vladimir did not want to home helped him with the administration of natural needs).

Migulya was a doctor and knew what awaited him, though, and agreed to alternative treatment abroad, which gave him nothing. He soon began to lose the ability to spontaneous breathing, and on 16 February 1996, the singer and composer Vladimir Migulya died. Since the diagnosis of BAS was held exactly two years.