Doctors called 10 foods that likes the pancreas

Медики назвали 10 продуктов, которые любит поджелудочная

In the East the liver is called the elder Queen and the younger Princess or Queen is called the pancreas. Indeed, this body is very important for our body and a lot of it depends.

What you need to do, so as not to anger this capricious and wayward Princess?

Pancreas (lat. pancreas) is involved in two vital functions of the body: digestive and hormonal. It produces the enzymes involved in digesting food and hormones that regulate metabolic processes in the body.

Any damage to the pancreas may lead to serious consequences and long-term, sometimes lifelong, treatment. What products should be included in your diet in order not to jeopardize this most important organ?

Products for pancreatic


Apigenin, contained in broccoli, protects the pancreatic tissue from pathogenic influences. To get the maximum amount of beneficial nutrients, try to eat broccoli raw or slightly steamed.


Spinach is a great choice for the health of the pancreas. According to a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, a diet that includes spinach and other vegetables, protects the body from cancer of the pancreas.


Yogurt contains probiotics that strengthen the immune system and improve functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. For the pancreas the most useful are the yogurt with minimal fat content, which does not include flavorings, colorings or flavor enhancers.


Pumpkin neutralized with hydrochloric acid, has a delicate and soft structure, contains a lot of fiber. It consists of carotene, potassium, b vitamins, magnesium, copper, iron and pectin. This vegetable is ideal for nutrition of patients with pancreatitis.

Sweet potato

Resembling in its form the pancreas, sweet potato protects it, providing a slow flow of sugar in the blood and ridding the digestive system from excessive load.

Jerusalem artichoke

Jerusalem artichoke is called earthen pear, or Jerusalem artichoke, and officially it is called a sunflower tuber. In appearance, this root is similar to ginger root, but tastes like sweet potatoes. The land part of the artichoke grows up to 2-4 meters tall and resembles a sunflower.

The use of artichoke helps to normalize the metabolism and relieve inflammation in the pancreas. In addition, the juice of this root prevents the development of diabetes and prevents the development of atherosclerosis that pancreatitis is a frequent phenomenon.


Blueberry is great for those who suffer from diabetes. Tea from the leaves of bilberry as fresh berries, reduces blood sugar and stimulates the pancreas.

Using blueberries in the various fees, you can get rid of inflammatory foci in the pancreas and purify the liver and improve bile flow. During exacerbation of pancreatitis to eat blueberries is allowed only in ground form and after heat treatment.


Given that the pancreatic disease doctors recommend significantly reduce the carbohydrate part of the diet, buckwheat dishes will take a worthy place in the diet of the patient. At the same time, buckwheat is not devoid of fiber, which promotes normal digestion, bowel cleansing and detoxification.

Buckwheat is considered one of the most popular products that help in the treatment of pancreatitis. It is permitted from the fifth day after beginning the diet, when the pain symptoms are reduced. Buckwheat cook viscous porridge, which after boiling is thoroughly rubbed. To consume this dish without oil, salt or sugar.

Red grapes

Red grapes are a good source of resveratrol, a potent antioxidant, relieving the cells from free radicals. Resveratrol strengthens blood vessels and reduces inflammation. This substance also reduces cell death (apoptosis) in pancreatic cancer.

Licorice root

This herb has long been used in numerous health problems, including problems with the pancreas. A decoction of the root of licorice is a strong anti-inflammatory, it can reduce pain and swelling, often with pancreatitis.

It is recommended to drink three or more cups of tea with licorice root every day or take a Supplement. You must know that some people have when receiving funds from licorice increased blood pressure. Consult with a doctor before taking regularly or measure your blood pressure.

Nutritionists believe that to preserve the health of the pancreas helps moderate approach to nutrition. The diet should include lean meat and fish, olive oil, cereals, vegetables and fruits, compotes and jellies, dried white bread, dairy products. Exclude from the diet should be alcohol, coffee, meats, sweets and pastry.

The pancreas is critical for the life of the whole organism. Therefore, the occurrence of pain in this area must quickly consult a doctor. It is better to warn illness, than then long and grueling to treat.