Doctors called 5 foods for headaches

Медики назвали 5 продуктов от головной боли

Everyone knows that headaches can’t be tolerated, but few people know about alternative and natural methods that can replace even the strongest painkillers for headaches.

Some of the natural products are more safe and effective for migraine than meds.

Turmeric. A plant of the ginger family, reduces inflammation, is an effective spice for headaches.

Peppers. Removes even the back pains, it is applied to those parts of the body where the pain is localized. Quickly relieves pain. It is important to use carefully so as not to burn the skin and does not cause allergies (people tend to).

The lavender essential oil. For hundreds of years it established itself as a great anti-inflammatory, sedative, relaxing and analgesic. In addition, it can reduce pain, relieves anxiety, and anxiety, has nice and soft to sleep.

Mint essential oil. The composition of the oil is an extract of menthol and lemon, and also a component of sage. Relieves spasms and invigorating.

Carnation. This spice is often used as a component in medicines. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects, it is capable to remove not only the head but also tooth pain.

The information is General in nature and does not replace the advice and treatment of a qualified doctor.