Doctors called five reasons to sleep separately from my spouse

Медики назвали пять преимуществ спать отдельно от супруга

Many couples think sleeping in separate bedrooms can destroy their marriage. But psychologists say that sleep separate sometimes, on the contrary, can strengthen the Union. What are the benefits of sleeping apart?

Of course, if you are comfortable sleeping in one bedroom and sharing a common blanket, then to try separate do not need to sleep. But sometimes, couples can’t sleep together, but continue to do it, afraid to ruin a marriage. Find out 5 benefits of a separate sleep and sleep soundly.

Restful sleep

Scientists say that a couple of wakes each other during the night about 6 times. They may not remember this, because immediately fall asleep. But the rhythm of sleep is already disrupted and this affects the health and mood. Going into separate bedrooms, you will be able to sleep properly.

Increases sexuality

Separate the dream allows you to experience the novelty of intimate life. Couple initiates sex by mutual desire. Also, good sleep gives you strength for sex and a good mood increases the sense of attraction.

To increase the value of proximity

Separate sleep allows you to enjoy more physical intimacy than sleeping in the same bed. Any touches and kisses after a brief “separation” more passionate and more valuable than when we can get in any time.

Relationships become more peaceful

Snoring partner can be annoying so that it will become a stumbling block and a reason for quarrels. If the other half snores, briefly waking can influence the mood. Separate sleep avoiding quarrels and take good care to treat the second half.

You receive the opportunity to stay with him

In relationships, we have less time to spend with him. For many people short term solitude is a necessity, it allows them to reflect on the day, to find himself. Separate bedrooms regain lost personal space.

Separate sleep affects relationships only in the case if this is not manipulation, but a mutual decision of the couple for a comfortable sleep. Moreover, you will not need to go to separate bedrooms, it is possible sometimes to practice sleep apart.