Doctors called five strange but effective ways to lose weight

Медики назвали пять странных, но действенных способов сбросить лишний вес

Scientific experts from the University of St. Louis has shared in the publication on the pages of the Sun five strange but effective ways to lose weight. About it write the Russian mass media.

Method one: use the oil. Regular consumption of olive oil is very effective helps to lose weight. Researchers conducted a 3-year experiment in which participants adhered to the diet, consisting of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fish.

Also, the volunteers had to avoid in your menu of animal fats, replacing them with vegetable, particularly olive oil. The experiment showed that olive oil reduces appetite and blood pressure and has anti-inflammatory effects – in people who it was used, it was recorded a higher concentration of antioxidants in the body and also weight loss.

The second way is to have toast. Scientists told of another strange way to lose weight is to consume whole wheat toast an hour before bedtime. This method was also tested on an experimental basis. After eight weeks, during which volunteers ate a whole grain toast, a loss of weight amounted to an average of two pounds.

The third way: to train before eating. If you work out for a few minutes before eating, this will help speed up metabolism and lose weight, experts say.

Method four: consider chewing movements. Say to lose weight, just a little longer to chew, because the longer we chew food, the less you eat. Scientific studies have shown that although the counting of chewing movements looks rather strange occupation, it has the desired effect. Confirmed, in particular, that if a person is 12 times to chew your food 40 times, the caloric content of his diet will fall by 12%. The experts noted that the reduction in caloric content due to the thorough chewing of food is the cheap way to losing weight. The average person can achieve therefore loss extra 10 kg per year.

Method five: eat with chopsticks. The so-called cane diet forbids to eat with hands and other Cutlery except chopsticks. It’s a bit strange, but at the same time really helps to reduce caloric intake. Nutritionists say that this method teaches carefully choose foods and eat slowly. Similarly, it is possible to try to eat only with chopsticks.