Doctors called habits, are able to “steal” youth

Медики назвали привычки, способные "украсть" молодость

These bad habits is hard to see, but easy to fix and prolong youth, reports the Chronicle. info with reference to Хартыя97.

To sleep on your side or stomach

It ages the skin, which with age and becomes less collagen. “Over the years, the connective tissue loses its elasticity, explains plastic surgeon, James C. Marotta. – If you night after night you sleep on one side, in one position, the skin is not resting and not smoothed. In the morning you will Wake up with “kinks” and new wrinkles.”

To squint and RUB your eyes

Banal habit weakens the delicate skin of the eyelids. From sighted, squint pensioner’s easy to get rid of if you test the vision and find glasses or lenses. To relieve fatigue, rubbing the eyes, is not worth it. Habit can injure the tiny capillaries and cause irritation. “With age, the skin around the eyes becomes thinner. When you RUB, then tear small blood vessels and stimulate the formation of wrinkles,” explains Dr. sandy Johnson, a member of the American Academy of dermatologists. This habit quickly disaccustoms quality makeup.


Unnecessary stress get muscles, bones, spinal discs and internal organs. “The back should maintain the normal S-shaped bend. In the standard flat position the muscles will be in spasm, and for a long time so people will not stay, – says Daria Sitel, head of ultrasound diagnostics Department of the Centre of manual therapy. – First of all the long sitting tired muscles of the shoulder girdle and upper back. So as soon as I felt tired, stand up and do stretching exercises”.

Listening to music at full volume

“Loud music can cause acoustic trauma and cause irreversible changes in the hair cells. Then you are faced with hearing loss, which can not be cured,” – says Natalia brazhkina, head of outpatient Department, scientific practical center audiology and hearing aid.

In the opinion of the hearing healthcare, it is especially dangerous to listen to music in the subway. “Noise in the subway reaches 90?120 decibels is a very loud sound. To hear the music in the player, of course, the man needs to make either the same volume or louder”, – says Natalya brazhkina.

To chew sunflower seeds

The habit of chewing or biting seeds not only makes the nasolabial folds deeper, but also indicates the presence of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Learn to relax in other ways.