Doctors called seven problems with the body, which helps sex

Медики назвали семь проблем с организмом, при которых помогает интим

Sex is not a joke, and a complex biochemical process. Before, during, and after his body a lot going on: the blood flows faster, the blood vessels come in tone. Are such “game of hormones” that “Game of thrones” envy. So it is necessary to use these moments in bed – for good health.

Here are at least seven problems with the body, which can be avoided if sexually active.

1. Grow new blood vessels

Researchers at Queen’s University in Belfast (Ireland) found that in men aged 40-55 years who have sex three times a week or more, the probability of heart attacks and strokes decreases twice.

But “sudden” heart attacks in bed with some middle-aged thrill-seekers happen not because of the sex itself, but because of the banal physical overstrain and revaluation of own possibilities.

Love the game and its energetic require completion of the work of dozens of muscles, some of which stand even with the active sport activities. The heart is actively pumping blood, and she rushes through the vessels with high pressure. This opens up the small capillaries, but can even sprout new ones. Can you imagine begin to grow new blood vessels! In science this is called angiogenesis.

2. Diabetes – “bed rest”

With the accumulation of sexual tension (i.e. abstinence) insulin production decreases. And after orgasm in both men and women all endocrine glands, including the pancreas come in tone. Insulin production increases, stimulated carbohydrate metabolism. Because endocrinologists believe regular lovemaking excellent prevention of type II diabetes.

3. This is us in the teeth

During the tumultuous caresses not only increases the production of saliva, but also increases the concentration in it of antibacterial substances that destroy harmful bacteria that destroy tooth enamel. So sex (and not necessarily a dentist) to some extent can be called the most pleasant in the world to prevent tooth decay.

4. Orgasm against Alzheimer’s

With age, the memory of anybody not getting any better. It is known that after the age of 40 we lose 7,000 brain cells daily. The good news: regular sex stimulates the formation of new cells called neurons. Scientists from Princeton University, conducting experiments on animals have suggested that sex triggers the growth of cells in the hippocampus part of the brain responsible for memory and learning ability.

Stress and depression the hippocampus is reduced, but sex and exercise he’s very useful. Experts suggest: the preservation of sexual activity in old age protects against dementia. Because in the moment of love in the brain receives more blood, increases oxygen levels, brain activity increases.

And besides, sex makes us a little smarter. It’s the hormone testosterone, which improves concentration and activates brain centers of memorizing information.

5. You have depression? Undress

German psychoendocrinology Walter Ridinger conducted a study on “Sex – the best cure for stress.” As you know, our entire psychology is a solid biochemistry. And Dr. Ridinger based on scientific experiments have proved that during the sexual pleasures the body switches from traumatic situations on a wave of happiness. The reason – the release into the blood of our natural antidepressant – the pleasure hormone oxytocin and decrease levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

6. It doesn’t hurt

Just before orgasm increases the formation of happiness hormones endorphins that have analgesic effect for any type of pain, beginning from head and finishing pains in joints and neuralgia. In women, sex stimulates the production in the ovaries, the female sex hormone estrogen, which can suppress pain and discomfort associated with PMS.

7. Now don’t catch a cold

At the University of Pennsylvania produced a study according to which people who have sex once or twice a week, quantity of antibodies called Immunoglobulin A a third higher than those who engaged in them less frequently. These antibodies are known to strengthen the immune system and prevent the development of infectious diseases. Including reduce the susceptibility of the organism to seasonal viruses, flu and colds. However, you should not flirt with someone who already has a cold. Even the most violent affection will not save you from infection if you beloved sneezes.