Doctors called the best vitamins for strengthening the immune system

Медики назвали лучшие витамины для укрепления иммунной системы

As you know, people for the normal functioning of the body the necessary vitamins and minerals that enters the blood through the use of certain foods. So the research products are used by many scientists, microbiologists, nutritionists, and other specialists.

According to the website charter97, there are certain foods, which by entering in your diet, you can strengthen your immune system, thus protecting the body from diseases.

According to a nutritionist Eva-Maria Vom Bruch eat foods which are important to be used to strengthen the immune system. This so-called “vitamin bombs” that will help the immune system to be always on top in the fight against various diseases.

The immune system reflects the pathogens, if it is reinforced with skin and mucous membranes are not damaged. Specialist recommends that you consume foods rich in vitamins.

Nutritionist named the top five products grown in Ukraine, and therefore the body they are most favorably situated.

Spinach ‘s favorite Popeye is known for high content of vitamin A, which maintains healthy skin and mucous membranes, protects against viruses. In addition, it has large amounts of iron necessary for red blood cells.

Another item you should not forget to include in the diet, especially fresh, is carrots. In addition to the vitamin C it contains carotene, antioxidant and support the immune system. Another useful vitamin a storehouse called the fish, it contains b vitamins, zinc and selenium. These trace elements trigger the activation of protective forces of an organism.

Nuts and seeds contain valuable nutrients – vitamin E, zinc, selenium and copper. Vitamin A, C and selenium-rich Kale.

In addition, experts ask you not to forget about the potatoes, it includes a lot of Goodies, particularly of vitamin C, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc.

It is worth saying that not only food has beneficial effects on the body, is still very useful walk in the fresh air and positive emotions, because in the first place, our disease is largely dependent on our attitude.

On the website of “Wall”, we reported that there are some products that can minimize the level of harmful effects on human health. The use of all three products will be indispensable in the fight against the negative sides of Smoking.

Медики назвали лучшие витамины для укрепления иммунной системы

Медики назвали лучшие витамины для укрепления иммунной системы