Doctors called the earliest symptom of cancer

Медики назвали самый ранний признак рака

Usually every person at least once in his life faced with a sore throat, but after a while the symptoms disappeared. As reported if sore and sore throat do not pass a long time, doctors advise to seek help at the hospital. According to recent studies, doctors have found that persistent pain in the throat may indicate the presence of cancer.

Doctors say that the main symptom of the first stage of the cancer is pain or difficulty when swallowing food. In addition, doctors note that among the early signs of cancer can be fast weight loss without diet or shortness of breath. If this sore throat does not indicate the presence of throat cancer. We can talk about other forms of cancer. In addition, scientists previously had established that prolonged sore throat can also cause unpleasant breath, and this is another sign of cancer development.

Physicians are advised that if such symptoms should not delay the visit to a specialist, since the identification of cancer at an early stage will help to cure the disease. Doctors say that tumors of the larynx can be treated, but severe cases require surgery, after which the voice of patients appears hoarseness.