Doctors called the symptoms of dangerous diseases

Медики назвали симптомы опасных заболеваний

Researchers told about the most vivid symptoms that may indicate the development of dangerous diseases. Reports the doctors said that if a person has vivid dreams with aggression, they can indicate early symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

The development of this disease could indicate a change in the person’s handwriting. Another important symptom that brings the development of Parkinson’s disease is a problem with sleep. With this symptom a person may appear lethargy and fatigue, he will be constantly in a condition of stress accompanied by fits of uncontrollable rage, apathy and irritation. All this could eventually escalate into severe depression. In addition, doctors called the symptoms of approaching diabetes of the second type.

They believe that the main symptom is frequent trips to the bathroom. In order to reduce the indicators of sugar level, the kidneys are working in emergency mode, in turn, the excess sugar causes irreparable damage to the nervous system and blood vessels. According to doctors, if you complain of feeling unwell, it is better not to self-medicate, and immediately contact the experts.