Doctors have called 5 dangerous diseases that take a long time to develop symptoms

Врачи назвали 5 опасных заболеваний, которые долго развиваются бессимптомно

Doctors warn of dangerous diseases can for a long time secretly to develop in the body or cause symptoms indistinguishable physiological processes.

Diabetes. Early on the person may develop diabetes and his sugar level will remain normal. Experts say: at the beginning of diabetes, there are almost no obvious symptoms. Those symptoms that manifest themselves often fit into the natural existence of the body and not attract attention. For example, it may be dry mouth, blurry vision, increased urination.

Experts advise to pay attention to the skin in the neck and armpits – if she seems very tanned, this may be an indication of incipient diabetes.

Polycystic ovaries syndrome. According to statistics, this disorder occurs one in ten women. In this case its the body produces too many male hormones that affects the processes of the menstrual cycle and ovulation. Some obvious symptoms of the syndrome does not have – only with very careful attention to his body, a woman may notice some changes. So, the syndrome can be a cause of pimples, increase the menstrual cycle, thinning of hair on the head and excessive growth on the body.

Hypertension. In good health is necessary from time to time to measure pressure. Observation of doctors say that up to 50 percent of patients unaware of their hypertension, the disease may long and without symptoms to develop within a person. So quiet and unnoticeable hypertension may one day be manifested in the form of kidney disease, a heart attack or stroke, that is why it is important to monitor your blood pressure.

Glaucoma. This disease can lead to blindness, and as it develops very slowly for a person is often invisible. To understand that you are at increased risk of glaucoma, can only be attending physician in the framework of preventive examinations. Especially important such checks for people over 45 years.

Lung cancer. One of the most deadly to humans. types of cancer practically does not manifest itself before the occurrence of metastasis. And it can occur even in those people who are never picked up cigarettes. Feeling chest pain, wheezing, shortness of breath, Siplast, visit your doctor.