Doctors have called the most effective alcoholic beverages to rejuvenate

Врачи назвали самые эффективные алкогольные напитки для омоложения

Experts have proven the positive influence of some alcoholic beverages on the skin of the person. Importantly all know when to stop. It is reported Politeka.


First in the list of alcoholic cosmetics is known to all beer. It is well affect the structure of the hair and skin. This drink balances the pH level, cleans and nourishes the surface of the body. Beer also reduces the amount of pimples due to the amount of vitamins contained in it.


Proven that drinking a good red wine prolongs youth of the skin, because it contains a lot of antioxidants. Thanks to them, the drink gives elasticity to your skin, supporting its natural fiber.


Gin is infused with the juniper berries, whose effect on the blood circulation has long been known among scientists. The drink improves the circulation of blood in the face, what gives it a superior look.

Rum is not only a favorite winter beverage for many, but is famous for its antibacterial properties. For the battle damage on the skin and acne specialists suggest diluting rum in the proportion of 1 to 2 with plain water and apply to problem areas. After 5 minutes the compress should be removed and wash.