Doctors have called the most useful for the body vegetable oil

Медики назвали самое полезное для организма растительное масло

Vegetable oil is often used in cooking. But not all know how it is useful or on the contrary harmful to the body. On these questions tried to answer nutritionist Anna Korneychuk.

For comparison were taken three types of oils that are very popular among Ukrainians: linseed, sunflower and olive.

As for sunflower oil, it is a favorite among the rest. Actually a lot of nutrients. Also the oil contains such a component as omega-6. But the human body makes a lot of this component together with other products, so in this may lie the danger. An overdose of omega-6 can lead to premature aging and cardiovascular diseases.

Olive oil is very useful for the body. “It lowers “bad” cholesterol in the body, strengthens blood vessels, making them more elastic, and also reduces the risk of malignant tumors,” said the nutritionist. The doctor recommends buying olive oil premium Extra-virgin olive oil, which was obtained by the method of extraction.

But the leader on the content of omega-3 acids is linseed oil.

“Linseed oil in an open bottle should be stored only in the refrigerator, not more than 3-4 weeks. And, of course, don’t fry it, because at high temperatures it oxidizes instantly,” says the nutritionist.

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