Doctors have called the product that protects against breast cancer

Медики назвали продукт, защищающий от рака груди

Doctors told about how the product should be taken to reduce the risk of Oncology diseases of the breast half.

Medical experts from the University Marshall (United States of America) some time ago undertook a study of some products and conducted a series of experiments in which were opened the unusual beneficial properties of walnuts.

It is reported that the studies were conducted on specially prepared mice that were genetically prone to rapid emergence and development of malignant tumors. The animals were divided into two groups and fed in different ways – the first group ate a normal food for rodents and other small animals were given walnuts. If to translate into human norms, then every day they would give 56 grams of nuts.

In the end, the mice of the second group of breast cancer cells evolved approximately twice slower than in mice from the first group, or not developed at all.

American scientists believe that the same trend will be observed in people who daily eat a small amount of walnuts. The fact that walnuts have more healthy unsaturated vegetable fats, which are the most beneficial effect on the protection from cancer, according to BAGNET, citing foreign media.