Doctors have listed warning signs of the body on the stroke

Медики перечислили предупреждающие сигналы организма об инсульте

A stroke is an acute violation of brain blood circulation, leading to damage and death of nerve cells.

This happens due to the rupture of a blood vessel in the brain or blockage by plaque or a blood clot. The blood ceases to flow in a certain part of the brain, and as a result there are nerve cells do not receive necessary oxygen.

This disease has become very common. It is most often associated with high blood pressure, fat metabolism disorders and Smoking.

A stroke affects both men and women, but death rates are higher among women than men.

After 55 years, the stroke risk doubles with increasing age for every ten years.

Unfortunately, stroke, and other diseases of the cardiovascular system, to detect in time is quite difficult. It is often mistaken for other health problems.

Usually the symptoms of stroke appear suddenly, but not so rare cases when the disease “warned” about in advance. The person feels that health is something wrong.

To detect incipient disease at an early stage does not prevent it, but in this case, the probability to transfer the disease without serious consequences is significantly increased.

Meet the “alarms” that warn the doctors, says health info.

1. High blood pressure

People with high blood pressure often do not experience symptoms of this condition of the body. They do not perceive the danger signals associated with high pressure.

As a result, significantly increases the risk of heart attack or stroke.

High pressure provokes the damage or narrowing of the blood vessels of the brain.

It is therefore important to regularly measure the pressure and take appropriate action if it is elevated. This is especially important if there are risk factors increasing the pressure.

2. Neck rigidity

Neck rigidity may be associated with stress, incorrect posture or excessive physical exertion.

But it may be a sign of damage or blockage of one of the blood vessels.

If you can’t touch chest with chin, while experiencing neck pain and headache, contact your doctor immediately.

3. Severe headache

Headache can have a variety of causes, and it is usually not associated with serious health problems.

But when we have a strong headache, and there is no any obvious reasons, you need to go to the doctor and get tested.

Strong and throbbing headache is usually a sign of high blood pressure. It can be a symptom of a stroke.

4. Paralysis on one side of the body

This is one of the typical symptoms of a stroke.

Unilateral paralysis usually occurs during sleep, sometimes falling asleep.

It is not always pronounced, but this symptom is in any case impossible to ignore.

5. Problems with vision

If a person who had vision problems, sudden impaired vision, double vision is another signal that you need to see a doctor.

This symptom can be associated with different health problems, and it is important to find out whether it is a harbinger of stroke.

6. A sudden feeling of fatigue

Suddenly the advancing fatigue – also alarm.

This fatigue happens when different health problems. She can testify about the disruption of the normal blood supply to the brain.

In potential stroke condition, a person is often increased drowsiness and sometimes sleep becomes unconscious.

7. It becomes difficult to walk and lift my arms

Often a precursor to a stroke are problems with the coordination of movements of arms and legs.

Not everyone notices the symptoms, which sometimes appear shortly before the stroke.

Strong and unusual pain in the shoulders “tells” us what we need to address urgently to the doctor.

8. Dizziness and General weakness

These symptoms are many health problems. Usually they are not associated with anything serious, but discuss them with your doctor worth.

This is especially important for those who have problems with the cardiovascular system.

Time to detect a stroke not so easy, so it is important to know its possible symptoms and precursors.

To avoid the most tragic consequences of the disease, you need to pay attention to the signals that the body “warns” you about the stroke and immediately seek medical assistance.