Doctors have made a diet to prevent diabetes

Медики составили диету для профилактики диабета

More than 3 million people are at risk of diabetes 1 and 2 types.

Collaboration of doctors of different directions, this is a huge contribution to the treatment of a variety of diseases. This time endocrinologists appealed to the diet made a diet for prevention of diabetes based on the method of calculation of the bread units. According to doctors, the diet should be good quality and calorically balanced, based on natural food, which at a minimum are processed and contain simple sugars. In addition, the power of any person, regardless of age, weight and comorbidities should be regular and frequent.

Registered in Russia more than 3 million diabetics and the same amount are at risk. In turn, the methodology units of bread will teach any man the right to organize safe food and will help people to get rid of excess weight. In order to properly calculate the bread units (XE), you need to remember a simple scheme.

1 bread unit is equal 12 grams of product a day a person should eat between 18 and 25 HEH, that need to be split between 4-5 meals. Nutritionists recommend to eat a Sutra about 7 ha, and the remaining to divide for the rest of the day. It turns out that if the pack of cereal 100 grams of product, then dividing it into 12 parts person gets an equal portion XE, which can be prepared by combining with vegetables or meat.