Doctors have made a rating of forbidden foods for hypertensive patients

Медики составили рейтинг запрещенных продуктов для гипертоников

People with poor health and high blood pressure some products are strictly contraindicated, however, most patients with hypertension have no idea that they need to be serious about your diet.

As reported doctors strongly recommend to exclude or limit the use of certain products, which pose serious risks to the health of hypertensive patients. First the doctors put salt. Completely to refuse salt experts do not recommend but suggest to limit its use to three grams a day. In second place – ham, sausage, and lard. All these foods contain red meat and animal fats that increase blood pressure.

The top three short various marinades and preserves. They contain huge amounts of salt, spices and vinegar, representing a great danger for hypertensive patients. Also, experts have included in a rating of the most dangerous foods for people with high blood pressure. Also physicians included in the rating of coffee, muffins, sweets, chocolate, alcohol, smoked food, fast food, butter, ghee, and margarine.