Doctors have revealed an unexpected property of vitamin C

Медики раскрыли неожиданное свойство витамина С

The doctors reveal unexpected properties of vitamin C. Several studies have shown that vitamin C supplementation reduces the stay of patients in intensive care, writes

A group of international scientists came to the conclusion that vitamin C has an epigenetic effect. The results of the Finnish-Australian team of researchers under the leadership of Elizabeth Chalker showed that vitamin C has different effects on health and can affect practical results. In particular, the duration of stay in intensive care.

Experts analyzed data from 18 controlled trials in which participants took vitamin C. it Was found that on average the use of vitamin C reduced the presence of patients in the ICU 7.8%.

“In six studies of oral vitamin C supplementation in the amount of 2 grams per day reduced the time of stay in intensive care units 8,6%,” – said the authors of the project.

Experts believe that it is necessary to continue research in finding the optimal dosage of vitamin C for effective recovery of patients in intensive care. For example, you need to figure out how to act vitamin in the amount greater than 2 grams per day. also need to be explored for patients intensive care.