Doctors have told, what diseases to protect the mustache

Медики рассказали, от каких болезней защищают усы

Scientists have found that a mustache to protect men from cancer. Researchers from the University of Kansas conducted a series of observations and came to the conclusion that men can use them to protect themselves from cancer of the upper lip.

The scientists said that facial hair in men protect the skin is similar to hair on the head. This was told by the employee of the University, Daniel Aires.

The experiment involved 200 men who have doctors found a precancerous disease actinic keratosis. It causes the skin dark scaly spots. The latter appear due to prolonged exposure to sunlight on the skin. In most cases, the condition develops into cancer of the skin of the upper lip.

In the course of research it became clear that protects the skin of vegetation that is shorter than 9 mm. Only the mustache to protect a person from developing cancer of the skin. The risk of cancer is reduced 9 times. The risk of cancer is reduced by 16 times if the mustache and beard a man wears for several years.

Men who prefer the clean-shaven skin may be protected from dangerous diseases with the help of sunscreen.