Doctors have warned about the dangers of early varieties of cherries

Медики предупредили о вреде ранних сортов черешни

At the beginning of June starts the season of early cherries, which have already inundated the markets, recently opened after quarantine. Sellers raise the price on a seasonal berry, so to afford it can not all. However, not only because of this, cherry is worth to wait a little. The fact that doctors warn against eating of cherries some people. Let us know who in the summer should not go to the cherry diet and eat lots of your favorite berry.

Of course, cherry is very useful. The substance coumarin, which is contained in cherries, essential for the cardiovascular system. For hypertensive patients, this berry contains the necessary potassium. Cherry normalizes the gastrointestinal tract, it is necessary for production of the required amount of collagen, promotes the process of detoxification of the body helps to get rid of eczema and acne.

However, cherry is contraindicated for diabetics. How would you not want to eat the sweet berries, the amount of glucose in it may exceed the permitted norm. Also the berry can’t have people with gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer, suffering from gastritis, acidity of the stomach, adhesions of the intestine or are prone to flatulence. The desire to be healthy must prevail over the temptation to eat the cherries, though very tasty.

Doctors do not recommend to use the cherries immediately after a meal: it takes at least 30 minutes. Otherwise you can call it this way: an attack of diarrhea. You should not eat the cherries and with impaired patency of the intestine, thus you will only aggravate his sickness.