Doctors plead with women not to vacuum their vaginas

Врачи умоляют женщин не пылесосить свои вагины

Women invented extravagant life skill.

Doctors urge women to stop vacuuming his genitals. According to experts, it can seriously damage a woman’s body.

No, this is not a joke. In some forums users of the network are heated debate about a very extravagant way to stop menstruation prematurely – with the help of pilesos.Taqiy unusual life hack commented on doctors. This publication reports The Sun.

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So, the nurse under the name Twinny telling women on Twitter that this could be extremely dangerous.

“Lady! Please, stop to use the hose from the cleaner to stop menstruation prematurely. So you will suck not only blood,” wrote the nurse, noting that this week, faced with two such cases.

According to doctors, the cleaner hose may carry a deadly infection, injury to the cervix or vagina to tear.

“It is dangerous in many ways. This extremely extravagant method not only works, but can cause serious damage,” – said the gynecologist Shazia Malik.

Врачи умоляют женщин не пылесосить свои вагины

Врачи умоляют женщин не пылесосить свои вагины