Doctors retrain to the new international classification of health problems

Врачей переучивают для новой международной классификации проблем со здоровьем

In the Dnipropetrovsk region for November-December was held 19 training, which was attended by 607 doctors in 42 primary care.

Almost 80% of primary care physicians across Ukraine were trained on the implementation of International classifications ICPC-2 in the practice of primary care physician – a family doctor, internist, and pediatrician. These trainings began to be held from November 2018.

Details reported by the press service of the Ministry of health.

So, for the last two months of last year was held 360 training sessions, covering 490 primary health-care services. Participation in the training took almost 13.000 doctors and nurses throughout Ukraine. The most active were in the Dnipropetrovsk, Volyn, Donetsk, Zhytomyr, Lviv, Zakarpattia, Khmelnytskyi and Odessa region.

The trainings include theoretical part, where doctors familiar with the features of the philosophy of family medicine, the basic concepts of the International classification ICPC-2, guidelines for coding symptoms and complaints of patients, diagnosis. In the second part, participants receive practical tasks and practicing my coding of patients ‘ referrals to the ICPC-2.

“As a physician, I can say that ICPC-2 is a new patient – centered approach to providing primary health care. This classification supports the philosophy of family medicine, because the doctor takes the patient on a regular basis and focuses primarily on the person not just the diagnosis. Also, ICPC-2 simplifies maintenance and management of the medical practice. More than two thirds of family doctors took part. The most active regional trainers we are planning to invite to the Conference with international participation, which will be held in the framework of the project “Improving health in the service of the people”, so they can talk about their achievements,” said the consultant on capacity building for the involvement of citizens, a joint project of the world Bank and the MOH of Ukraine “Improving health in the service of the people,” Yulia Volodina.

We will remind that the Ministry of health of Ukraine approved the order of 04.01.2018 No. 13 “About some questions of application of the Ukrainian version of the International classification of primary care (ICPC-2-E)”. According to him, family doctors, internists and pediatricians in their daily work will use International classification of primary care (ICPC-2). ICPC is the most common classification that is used at primary level in many countries. The main principle of the system – understanding that primary health care (PHC) is important not only opinion of the physician on the patient’s problem (diagnosis), but the cause of the patient’s application for medical assistance, which can be coded the same as the processes carried out by the doctor, even if it is a phone consultation. ICPC-2 was developed by family doctors, so it reflects the content of their work.

International classification ICPC-2 has approximately 1,300 codes that describe the most frequent (>1 case per 1000 patients per year) problem. For comparison, the existing today international classification of illnesses (mkkh-10) contains between 14.000 to the 140,000 codes with a complex system of coding, most of which are not used in primary care.

The benefits of coding according to ICPC:

  • the possibility of the fixation treatment of the patient by phone, via the Internet (cause, diagnosis, action);
  • the opportunity to share the reasons for the patient in one visit;
  • the possibility of coding not only a diagnosis, but symptoms and processes, which do not include the diagnosis;
  • the ability to track episodes of medical care due to their grouping;
  • the ability of implementing the encoding in a medical information system (MS), which simplifies the coding for the doctor.

Any institution primary health care may invite the regional trainer for ICPC training. For this you need to leave the application in the group on the social network Facebook ICPC-2 Ukraine. Also there you can get advice from the experts on the implementation of the International classification ICPC on any issue regarding the coding.