Doctors spoke about the importance of desserts

Медики рассказали о важности десертов

Experts from the United States argue that sweet desserts healthier to eat before dinner, not after the main meal. As reported scientists have refuted the widespread belief that any dessert to eat after the main course. They conducted an experiment and found out that eating dessert before dinner may even help in losing weight.

Scientists conducted an experiment with volunteers, which were divided into two groups. The first half gave the popular dessert cheesecake before lunch and the second after. It turned out that participants who first ate dessert, then chose the most low-calorie dishes, and volunteers from the other group, by contrast, ate a large portion of high-calorie meals, and then proceeded to the dessert.

In the end, all the volunteers from the first group ate 30 percent fewer calories those who consumed the dessert, “tradition” after dinner. Scientists believe that a small serving of sweet dessert dramatically reduces the appetite for a short time, and just at this moment to have lunch, and then the feeling of fullness will remain for a few hours.