Doctors: Sterile threat to the health of children

Centuries-old stereotypes are a threat, if not subjected to objective study and validation.

Врачи: Стерильная чистота опасна для здоровья детей

A vivid example is the barrier of the newborn from germs, for which the household with an alcohol wipe the surface in the apartment and the room is irradiated with a quartz lamp. Doctors, however, warn that the sterile purity is not less dangerous for a child than the apparent unsanitary conditions. The immune system needs the process of self-organization. It is impossible to develop immunity in theory. The body must first face the threat, and then at the cellular level there is a certain algorithm of struggle against pathogenic microbes, viruses or bacteria.

Children who in infancy were sheltered from external influences, vulnerable to infectious and viral diseases. The body does not recognize the pathology and does not include protection mechanisms. By the way, it concerns and passions to wrap the child “not to cold”. Doctors say that infants initially present the most accurate principle of thermoregulation. Until the child expresses discontent, it means he’s comfortable. Wrap baby even when spring temperatures over 20 degrees Celsius, will result in disruptions in the body. At school such children are most often hurt.

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