Doctors told about any illness may signal problems with the ears

Медики рассказали, о каких болезнях могут сигнализировать проблемы с ушами

Doctors told that ear problems can be alarming.

According to experts, every person should know about any illness can signal discomfort in the ears.

If the earlobes in humans began to appear wrinkles, it may indicate coronary insufficiency. Doctors call this manifestation the sign of the franc, in 80% of cases of wrinkles on lobes of talk about the problems with the cardiovascular system.

According to experts, the appearance of wrinkles or the hair on the ears, it is better to consult a cardiologist. It is also important to follow the earwax that protects the ears from bacteria. If the earwax in your ears has a green tint and unpleasant odor, according to the doctors, it talks about the possibility of development of infection.

Women is extremely important to keep the sulfur in the ears was wet and sticky. In the event of such discharge in ears you need to go to the doctor, as such sera may indicate breast cancer.

When the feeling of “burning ears” is more attentive to the measurements of pulse and blood pressure. It often happens that the ears begin to redden and become hot due to the high blood flow to the blood vessels, which tells about the problems with pressure. Also “burning” ear shells can cause stress and nervous tension.

But the feeling of stuffiness of the ears may occur when allergies and “spikes” in blood sugar levels.