Doctors told about the causes of pain in the shoulders

Медики рассказали о причинах боли в плечах

The doctors told me that could trigger the occurrence of pain in the shoulder part. Writes referring to “channel 24”.

The first thing you should verify, not with a sprain if you’re dealing with. In this case, well touch the area of the body where you experience pain. Under tension the person experiences pain at the slightest touch. A rather unpleasant sensations arise when attempting to move the joint. It is not necessary to exclude probability of occurrence of inflammation of the tendons. The doctors call it tendonitis. The latter occurs due to severe overload. Hard work leads to the fact that the tendons begin to RUB against the surface of the joint. Against this background, there is chronic aching pain.

In the absence of sufficient level of care for their own health, it is possible to deal with arthritis or arthrosis of the shoulder joint. The above-mentioned diseases occur also on the background of inflammation. But the character of the pain in this case is difficult with something confused. Because in these diseases the person experiences severe pain attacks. They are, in fact, able to restrict the movement of the person. By the way, this is not a complete list of causes that trigger pain in the shoulders. Discomfort in the shoulder area can occur due to lesions of the shoulder cuff, degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine, myalgia, and problems with internal organs, injuries of the shoulder and so on. To determine exactly what the problem is, you need to consult a qualified professional.